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     English language week is the event which all the pupils of our school love most of all. This year it started on November, 11. “We Love English” – that was the slogan of the week. So, both the teachers and the students tried to do their best. The teachers shared their ideas demonstrating new teaching methods used at the lessons. The students showed their good knowledge of English and skills in games and quizes. The pupils of the 4A form talk about their favourite film heroes, actors and actresses, genres of film at the lesson “ My favourite Films” conducted by the teacher Vita Ivanivna Shevchuk.

      The teacher Oksana Serhiivna Bodnar at the lesson “My Room” (form 2D) showed how modern equipment (smart board) can be effectively used in the classroom. The children did phonetic drills, listened to a song, played lexical games with great pleasure.

     Tetiana Borysivna Holban and her 2D form pupils were bright at the lesson “Describing People’s Appearance”. A smart board, lots of flash cards, pictures and toys were used by the teacher in order to help the pupils to remember as many new words as possible.

     The quiz “Step by Step” conducted by Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian attracted the pupils of the 7th forms. They were great at doing crosswords and puzzles, making up and role-playing dialogues. But the most successful was the stage “Rap Battle”. Viktoriia Mykhailivna Murzenko invited the pupils of the 5th form to the quiz “Travel to Knowledgeland”. It was a nice celebration where everyone was playing language games, singing English songs and reciting rhymes. At the exhibition “We love English” the children presenting their posters demonstrated what topics they like best, what events from their school life were the most memorable.

     English is one of the favourite subjects at our school. Learning English makes the children happy. So we wish good luck to our students in mastering their knowledge of foreign language. Photo report from ENGLISH WEEK – 2019 

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