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Farewell to the Year of English Language

Farewell to the Year of English Language

Time is flying like on wings. The year is coming to the end. It’s high time to sum up the achievements and analyze the flaws.

     During the All-Ukrainian Week of English Language (12.12-18.12.16) we did our best to show that English has become much closer for our students. On 14.12.16 we had the Shakespeare’s Party at school. It was organized by Oksana Petrivna Sofraniuk, a teacher of English, and 9B form students. 

    The audience were greatly impressed by it. They have learned more about personal life and creative activity of the great English dramatist William Shakespeare. The party was sprinkled with video materials (scenes from the play “Hamlet” and the film “Romeo and Juliet”). 

The students listened to some of the most famous Shakespeare’s sonnets presented by the native speakers on the screen and recited the poetry themselves.

Tetiana Borysivna Holban (a teacher of English) conducted the lesson “Interesting Grammar. The Past Continuous Tense” for the 8B students. They became convinced that grammar is not boring at all. Boys and girls were engaged into the absorbing activities. They did a lot of exercises, using the Past Continuous Tense constructions, made up dialogues about school life. Visual aids and audio materials helped to make the lesson effective and bright.

Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian (a teacher of English) prepared a set of language games “We Love English” for 7th form students. The games are composed in such a way that each student is enabled to cope with the tasks and feel oneself a winner. A variety of communicative activities help children to demonstrate their English speaking skills.

The teachers of primary school organized the display of children’s drawings “Winter. Holidays and Traditions”. Here you can see a lot of pictures, posters, cards accompanied by English rhymes, proverbs, greetings, riddles.

Senior students presented their newspapers united by the motto “English Everywhere”. They show that English language has become a part of our life. It is really stylishly and cool to know English.

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