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Чернівецька гімназія №5 Інтеграл
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Foreign Languages Week– 2023

Foreign Languages Week– 2023

     Every year all the students and the teachers of English at our gymnasium are waiting for a very special event. Beginning with this school year we will call it “Foreign      Languages Week”, as the pupils of the 5th form started learning German, their second foreign language. It’s the time to sum up the results and to make some prospects for the future.

     Traditionally the teachers prepare demonstrative lessons to share the experience or show how new methods of teaching work in practice. Students do their best demonstrating their talents.

     The week started with the debut of a young teacher Volodymyr Rusyn. He conducted a lesson “Travelling” in the 6A form. The pupils learnt how to get ready for the trip and in what way they should ask or give somebody a piece of advice.

     The lessons of Oksana Bodnar are always interesting and absorbing. This time her learners from 2C form at the lesson “Transport” were acquainted with the names of different means of transport. They did well, so at the end of the lesson everyone was able to tell some sentences about the favourite kind of transport commenting on their own drawings.

     Tetiana Holban is very good at conducting online lessons. At the lesson “By the Sea” her 3 C students had a wonderful underwater trip full of adventures. They met amazing creatures living deep in the sea. The children memorized a new song and watched a great video about brave skin divers.

     Olena Bila demonstated high skills in using modern technologies (multi-media projector) while conducting the lesson “Interesting Places” in the 5 A form. It was a wonderful trip around the city. What a fun is visiting interesting places and having a nice walk in the park!

     Learning German is easy and interesting. The teacher Zhanna Mahalevych and the pupils of the 5A form proved it at the lesson “Winter Holidays”. A great variety of activities demonstrative cards, visuals helped the children to learn a lot of new words.

     A young teacher Anastasiia Tkach guided her students while getting around Kyiv and London. At the lesson “Travelling Around the World” the children shared the impressions after their trips during the winter holidays and made plans for summer.

     Young learners of the 2B form travelled with their teacher Vita Shevchuk. They played a game, watched the video, and made drawings at the lesson “Travelling by Bus”. So. at the end of the lesson it was easy for them to explain why they like this or that kind of transport.

     Students of 5B form (teacher Yuliia Unhurian) know a lot about their native city. They visited many places of interest here. At the lesson “How to Behave in Different Places” they learnt the rules of behaviour in different situations. It’s really very useful in our life.

     During the week the students draw pictures, posters on the topics they like best. You could see them in all the classrooms.

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