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     English Week at our school is the most expected event  for students and for teachers as well. It is a good chance to demonstrate their achievements and findings. Teachers are becoming more experienced and qualified, students are getting more knowledge and broaden their mind.

This year we decided to share the experience and display our seeing of modern aspects in teaching foreign languages. The teachers presented a series of demonstrative lessons.

Lesson “Sport Club”. Form 2-A. Teacher: Vita Ivaniva Shevchuk.

     These small children have started learning English a little more than a year ago. But now they feel quite well at the lesson. They did their best to pronounce English sounds during the phonetic drill. And after that they read in a good way the words with just trained sounds. The teacher prepared an interesting material for her students. The children got acquainted with new words (names of kinds of sports). They actively took part in the lexical game “Guess the Word” and did the tasks on the smart board.

It was great for young learners to learn about different ways of doing sports: PE lessons at school, attending Sport Clubs and having various kinds of activities outdoors.

Lesson “Music Styles”. Form 8-B. Teacher: Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian.

     Do you know how important is music in the life of each person? The students of 8-B form together with their teacher were looking for the proper answer and suggested their own opinions. The children learned  a lot of new things while working with the topical text “Music Styles”. Exciting tasks, created by the teacher, broadened their mind and encouraged the students to share the ideas during the discussion. They spoke about the role of music in their life, about the music styles, favourite musical instruments and most popular singers and groups in Ukraine and other countries of the world. Musical dictation was the most absorbing activity at the lesson. The children listened to the short pieces of music and had to write down the certain names of genres of music.

So we can fully agree with the words of the German philosopher F. Nietzsche: “Life would be a mistake without music”.

Lesson “Sport Activities”. Form 2-B. Teacher: Oksana Serhiivna Bodnar.

     Little schoolchildren learn easily while playing. That is why the teacher built the lesson in the way to make it useful and exciting, joyful and wise. She created very interesting activities. The young learners enjoyed them greatly, so all of them were done with pleasure. During the warming-up they tried to pronounce each sound as nicely as possible. Then it was time for the game “What’s This?”. And the children showed that they know  the names of kinds of sports very well. Everyone has most preferable sports. Boys and girls told about them while playing the game ”Guess It!”.

     The teacher presented a new grammar material – adjectives, expressing people’s attitude to doing different sport activities. The pupils were attentive and soon they could use the new words in their speech. A little exercise helps to feel better and keep fit. The children repeated the movements after their teacher and sang along a merry song. All of them can work in the printed workbooks and recite the rhymes in English. English is the best lesson for them!

Lesson “A Favourite Holiday”. Form 5-B. Teacher: Yulia Yuriivna Dymuriak.

     The pupils of form 5-B love different holidays and celebrations. They know how to decorate the house on the eve of the holiday, write the invitations to their relatives and friends, cook special food and prepare surprises.

     The teacher suggested to her students a funny text “Mother’s Birthday” for listening. The children listened to it very attentively, so they completed all the tasks for comprehension quite successfully. Grammar charts, handouts, made by the teacher, helped the pupils to understand the new material about the modal verb “must”. It was fun to do the exercises with the new learnt verb “must”. From the text“ Christmas Celebrations” the young English learners discovered a lot of new things about the British customs and traditions.

Lesson ‘Our School”. Form 3-D. Teacher: Tetiana Borysivna Holban.

     These children know everything about school. Their school is their second home. The pupils of 3-D form use words on the topic “School” in their speech quite easily. Each one of them can guide an excursion in the school and tell the visitors where the library, school gym and the canteen are situated, or what modern equipment you can see in the study rooms and in the assembly hall.

     It’s good to have a break after work. The children enjoy having some  exercise after sitting at the desks. They followed the teacher’s movements  singing along the “Banana Song”.  

     The teacher presented the list of new words for remembering. She used lexical and demonstration cards as visuals. So the students memorized the vocabulary very well. The teacher explained the grammar material as well. Boys and girls used the past form of the verb “to be” without problems. They did the tasks in the printed workbooks and acted out short dialogues. And then they learnt a new song “Yesterday at Two”. The lesson was a fun. The children love their teacher and their English lessons!

                                                                                                          What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.



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