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 There is a saying of an unknown author: “English is the language that came from nowhere to conquer the world”. Nowadays everyone can easily agree with these words. English is spoken all other the world. This language has become the key for mutual understanding  among the people belonging to different nationalities. And we, as well, are learning English in order to be able to communicate with people living in any part of our planet.

     The story started in  February in 2016, when we had unusual guests at our school. They came from Scotland. They were really happy to spend some time with the pupils and teachers. The guests wanted to learn more about the people of Bukovyna and the school life of Ukrainian children. They told a lot about the history and traditions of their land, showed photos of the most famous places of Scotland, sang some traditional Scottish songs. The delegates of that wonderful land gave us their national flag as a present. It will be the symbol of friendship between our countries.

     In April our senior pupils created a video which was presented at the city contest of projects “My School”.  The children told about the most memorable events and their favourite activities in “Liubystok” in English. It was really a pleasure for them.

     In May we marked the Day of Europe, which symbolizes  the beginning of  a new successful model of peaceful cooperation between the European countries. The pupils of the 5-11 forms did their best in making wall newspapers where they told about the state symbols, national peculiarities, traditions and culture, well-known artists and scientists of different countries of Europe.

     The  European Countries Festival, prepared by the pupils of the 5-9 forms (teachers Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian and Tetiana Borysivna Holban), demonstrated the talents  of our children. One could see the flags of the states, bright video-presentations of the countries, listen to traditional greetings in Romanian, hear and sing along   a folk song “Kukuleczka” in Polish,  watch a Greek dance “Sirtaki”,  taste some dishes of national cuisines. The atmosphere was favourable and friendly.

     In October, during the English Week, 6-formers (teacher Yuliia  Yevstakhiivna Unhurian) had a good chance to show their erudition in the quiz “Everything About Shopping”. They solved crosswords, made puzzles, did tests and role-played the dialogues “In the shop”, “At the market”, “In a café”.

     Young learners were fascinated by the puppet show “Little Red Riding Hood”, performed in English by the pupils of form 7-B (teachers Nataliia Volodymyrivna Rusnak and Oksana Petrivna Sofraniuk). The children had a lot of fun and no language barrier.

     The grand finale of the week was the celebration of Halloween . The pupils of the7-B form and teachers N.V. Rusnak and O.P. Sofraniuk helped the viewers to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and showed some unknown to them cultural customs of England.

     During the All-Ukrainian Week of English Language (12.12.-18.12.2016) we tried to show that English has become closer for our students. On December, 14, we had the Shakespeare’s Party at school. It was organized by O.P. Sofraniuk and her 9-B form students. The audience was greatly impressed by it. They learned more about the personal life and creative activity of the great English dramatist William Shakespeare. The party was sprinkled with video materials (scenes from the play “Hamlet” and the film “Romeo and Juliet”). The students listened to some of the most famous Shakespeare’s sonnets presented by the native speakers on the screen and recited the poetry themselves.

     The English Week in October 2017 started with the exhibition of the wall newspapers dedicated to the European Languages Day, made by the senior pupils and the contest of projects “My Family”, done by 5-A pupils (teacher V.M. Murzenko).


     The lesson “A True Friend”, conducted by Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian in the 8-B form, can be called the lesson of life wisdom. Her students learned how to recognize a devoted friend among lots of mates and acquaintances. The children commented on English and Ukrainian proverbs about friendship and expressed their opinions about a true friend, building up “The Tree of Friendship” on the board.

     The pupils of 5-C form (teacher V.M. Murzenko) proved that they love and know English. The participants of the game-contest “Do You Know English?” were very excited and eager to win. They competed in the game “A Magic Five” and in the quiz “The Right Choice”, worked in pairs and groups.

     In the quiz “We Know and We Can”, prepared by Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian for her 6-B form pupils, they showed that they know quite a lot about the geography, famous places and traditions of Great Britain.

     In May 2018 two bright events attracted the attention of the schoolchildren. The first one is the celebration of The Day of Europe. 10 form students made a wonderful exhibition of posters, dedicated to this day. And the next is a workshop, conducted by V.M. Murzenko for her 5-A form pupils, devoted to Mothers’ Day, where the children made charming greeting cards for their mothers and wrote the words of love in English.

     The school year 2017/2018 came to the end. It was rather fruitful and interesting. But the greatest achievement of our teachers’ work is the 3rd place at the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad taken by the 11 form student Anastasiia Semeniuk.

     June is the time for the school language camp “Rainbow”. The primary school learners rested here and improved their knowledge in English. There were four groups:”Friends”, “Umbrellas”, “Bingo” and “Butterflies”. Qualified trainers played games, sang songs, had a lot of exciting activities in English. The children attended different clubs and circles, went on excursions. Besides, they invited well-known singers , writers and sportsmen for the meetings in the camp.

    Autumn is the season especially loved by creative people. That is why we have our English Week in October. This year it started with the lesson “Shopping in London” in 6-C form (teacher V.M. Murzenko). The pupils showed that they know the assortment of different kinds of shops, can play the roles of a shop-assistant and a client and even know something about the rate of exchange.

    During the game-quest “Merry English” T.B. Holban and her curious pupils proved that everyone can learn English while playing, singing and enjoying oneself. Animated cartoons, songs, bright pictures, games helped the children to relax and learn English with pleasure.

   Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian and 9-B form students were investigating a serious theme. The topic of the lesson was “Youth Cultures”. By the end of the lesson the children could explain how youth cultures influence the life of the society and vice versa, how to make the right choice in the life.

    The exhibition of pupils’ posters, pictures, drawings “We Learn English” demonstrated which topics are their favourite, which English words they love best  and what helps them to achieve progress in learning English.

    We have a lot of wonderful things yet to occur! Don’t get tired to create something new, discover the world around you and make it better!

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