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English week

English week in educational complex “Liubystok”

         We live in the world where English can be heard not only at school lessons and after school classes, but also in the streets, on television and websites. One cannot imagine life without English. English is everywhere. Educational complex “Liubystok” is up-to-date. English is an important part of our studies.

     Creative and skilled teachers promote pupils’ interst in learning foreign languages in present and future.  English week was begun by the lesson in the 5th-B form. The topic of the lesson was “What can we do?”. Oksana Petrivna Sofranyuk used visual material and provide different and interesting activities.  The children learnt the modal verb ‘can’ through games. They recited poems about their abilities and talants.

 The seventh formers with Julia Yevstahiivna Ungurian during their lesson, called “Cooking meals. Kitchen equipment” shared their special recipes of favourite dishes, learned the names of kitchenware in English. It appeared that boys of the 7th-A form are very good cooks.

   The children of junior school had a lot of fun when watching the puppetshow “Little Red Riding Hood” in English. It was performed by the pupils of The 7th-B form with the help of the organization teacher Natalia Volodymyrivna Rusnak.

    The pupils of the 6th-B form showed their high knowledge. Their teacher is Ungurian Julia Yevstahiivna. They solved puzzles, crosswords and did tests on the topic “All about shopping”. They roleplayed dialogues: “In the shop”, “At the market” and showed a good vocabulary in English.

    Marta Vasylivna Boychuk and Tetiana Vasylivna Malanka  held the reciting poetry contest among third forms, called “Merry rhymes”. The pupils of the second form also took active part in English week. Their teacher Riabko Olga Victorivna organized exhibition of English letters and picture show “Funny alphabeth”

 The contest named “Creativity” joine the pupils of 8th-10th forms. Everyone tried to show his or her talents. They made  booklets on the topic “Sightseeing in London”, created crosswords, scanwords, puzzles or solving them. They were helped by  Ungurian Julia Yevstahiivna and Sofranyuk Oksana Petrivna.

   The grand finale was the celebration of Halloween. The pupils of the 7th-B form, Rusnak Natalia Volodymyrivna and Oksana Petrivna Sofranyuk helped the viewers to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and showed some unknown cultural customs in England.

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