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English Week in “Liubystok”

                                                                  English Week in “Liubystok”                                                                                 

         A teacher who is attempting

to teach without inspiring

the pupil with a desire to learn

is hammering on cold iron (Horace Mann).

Autumn is the season of rich gifts of nature. For teachers it’s the time to demonstrate the results of their fruitful work. English week is the best occasion for it.

This year the English week started with the lesson “How we learn English”conducted in the 5B form by the young teacher Yakubovska Dariia Ihorivna. The children got acquainted with the parts of speech. Pronouns and verbs introduced themselves in a funny song. Adjectives and prepositions were the heroes of the amusing cartoon. Boys and girls showed the understanding of the new grammar material in the game created by the teacher. All of them were the winners!

The pupils of the 3A form go to school with desire. They expect to meet their favourite teachers and to have interesting lessons there. Almost all the pupils told that English is their favourite subject. No wonder. Tetiana Borysivna Holban can teach her students by playing. One can hardly forget her fascinating lessons. Children can read and write, role play the dialogues and sing a lot of songs and recite rhymes. They demonstrated their skills at the lesson “My Favourite School Subject”.

The lesson “A True Friend” conducted by Yuliia Yevstakhiivna Unhurian in the 8B form can be called the lesson of life wisdom. Her students practised the vocabulary to remember the words denoting traits of character and learned how to recognize a devoted friend among lots of mates and acquaintances. The children commented on English and Ukrainian proverbs about friendship, looked for useful information in the text and then expressed their opinions about the true friend on small notes which they placed on “The Tree of Friendship”.

Those who came to the game-contest “Do you know English?”, created by Murzenko Viktoriia Mykhailivna, know and love English very much. All the participants and their fans from the form5C proved that they are very excited and eager to win. First they showed the knowledge of ABC. It was quite easy for them to build up the words from the mixed letters. Then they competed in the game “A magic Five” demonstrating brilliant knowledge of words on different topics. In the quiz “The Right Choice” they had to answer the questions about England. And the final task (to place 10 words in the alphabetical order) was done excellently. All the players were presented with the special Certificates.

During the week the 2-7 form pupils were drawing posters and pictures on the topic “Merry English”. Senior pupils did their best in promoting English and encouraging all the schoolchildren to learn foreign languages by their posters and booklets. They invited everybody to visit different countries and discover the world by learning English.



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